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“Emotional well-being is just as important to us as Breathing is”

What is Counselling?

Counselling gives people the space and opportunity to discuss their problems and any difficult feelings they have in a safe and confidential environment.  I’m not here to tell you what to do but will listen to you without judgment. It is a process people seek when they want to explore their thoughts and feelings in more depth or they want to change something in their lives. What will be discussed in these sessions will vary depending on what you as the client want help with. It could include:

+   Your relationship
+   Past and present life events
+   Situations you find difficult
+   Feelings, emotions and thoughts
+   Your childhood

How does Counselling help?

I believe that knowledge is power and once you are able to understand what might be going on for you, it releases the power to heal and cope better.  It can help you to make positive changes for a healthier and more fulfilling life. It helps to stop the past from holding you back and allows you to be clearer and more confident about your future. It is a process that utilises the power within yourself, which is aided by the therapeutic alliance.


What is Walk and Talk Therapy?

Walk and Talk Therapy is an alternative to video or face-to-face counselling.  The sessions take place outdoors with the counsellor and client walking side by side. 

For some people this feels easier and more natural to discuss problems in a more relaxed way.  It can feel more equal and less formal.  However, walking isn’t a must, sitting down somewhere in nature is also an option.  It works well for people who struggle with sitting down, giving eye contact or for parents with young children who can maybe bring their child along in a pushchair and get outdoors themselves.

What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to being outside in nature, from increased wellbeing, lowered anxiety, depression and stress levels, to reduced anger and increased confidence and boost self-esteem.

The outdoors can give you a sense of freedom and it is where people can increase their connection with their surroundings and disconnect from their normal day-to-day activities.